Session 2019-20

Cost of Form: Rs. 25

out of Students
Father's Details Mother's Details
(a) Name
(b) Academic Qualification
(c) Occupation
(d) Name of the Firm
(e) Annual Income
(f) PAN Number
(g) Aadhar Card Number
(h) Aadhar Card Image
(i) Office Address
(j) Office Phone Number
(k) Whatsapp/ SMS Number
(l) Email ID
Name Class Section

I hereby declare that the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I will provide all the necessary documents at the time of admission.

  1. Please attach self attested of birth certificate (issued by a Munciple Comittee/ Munciple Corporation/ Cantonment Board) and the child last report card.
  2. The registration fee is non-refundable. The registreation or accepting this form is not confirmation of admission. The admission will be given, if the student fulfill all conditions of admission as per CEO rules and regulation and availability of seat.
  3. Short listed candidate for Sr. classes will be informed by Telephone/E-mail.
  4. It would be parent's responsibility to ensure that her ward confirm the age rules for admission as mentioned in the prospectus, Student shall be denied admission or will be asked to withdraw at any stage if his/her age found to be wrong coverage.
  5. Registration form will stand rejected if it is incomplete in any way. No correspondance will be entetained in this regard.
  6. The school arrange transport facilities on prescribed charges but offers no guarntee for the same to all.
  7. All parents are bound to pay fees, annual charges and all other cahrges payable at the time of admission and revised charges as and when revised charges as and when revised by school management duly approved by school managing committee in the presence of D.E. nominee and inform to all presents by pasting a notice on school notice board.